David J. Arthur, Intellectual Property Strategy

Aligning Intellectual Property and Business Strategies

Business success depends on protecting ideas, information, and business identity from theft or copying. Intellectual property can help your business succeed.

Intellectual property (IP) is a collection of legal rights that can be used to protect certain intellectual creations, business information, and business identity. Intellectual property rights can protect technological innovations, product formulations, know-how, customer lists, product names and logos, software, printed materials, audio-visual works, and many other creations. Intellectual property rights include patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Your business’ intellectual property is most effective if you are reliably getting the right intellectual property protection at the right price using efficient internal processes that match your business goals.

David Arthur’s strategic thinking and operational skills can help you ensure that your business’ intellectual property is effective for your business goals.

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